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  • How to install and use svn locally

    Svn is a software versioning and revision controlling system that can be used to organize your code written in any programming language. I use it often locally to organize my latex, vhdl, SystemC or other types of files. Here you can find some instructions how to use it locally

  • How to speed up Fedora boot time

    This tutorial was executed on a Fedora 21 distribution but will work also on other more recent releases. Fedora has an awesome way to find actual boot time. Only you have to do is to execute the following command in your terminal:


  • How to install Modelsim 10.2b under Fedora 21/22

    If you want to use the latest Modelsim versions under Fedora 21, you may experience some problems. I’ll show you how to get rid of these problems to run successfully Modelsim. This tutorial is done initially under Fedora 21, but will also work under Fedora 22.

  • How to convert MBR partition table to GPT without data loss

    Some linux distributions impose to use GPT (GUID Partition Table) insted of traditional MBR. If you have an already installed linux system using MBR partition table and you want to convert it to a freshly new GPT table without data loss, here is the solution.

  • How to build your customized blog using Jekyll

    In this tutorial you will learn how to build your own customized blog using jekyll.

  • Welcome message

    Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find very soon some tutorials about HW/SW (co-)design, modelisation, tools configation, linux tips, writing tips, open source, …

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